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About Car Spot Melbourne

We Obtain the Best Inventory in the Market
Car Spot of Central Florida proudly represents Kelly Blue Book

As one of the only independently owned car dealerships within the state of Florida who are partnered with the most trusted name in the automotive industry. Kelly Blue Book.

Kelly Blue Book provides customers instant cash offers for their vehicle. The program provides private sellers a fair market alternative instead of accepting lower trade-in values at area dealerships.

The program is hugely successful, not just for the selling customers who are satisfied to gain a little more value compared to what they were getting offered elsewhere, but also for customers who are looking to purchase a good vehicle for a very fair price.

These vehicles come from all over Brevard County by their owners to Car Spot in Melbourne, where we have the opportunity to examine the vehicle from top to bottom, taking time to carefully evaluate the vehicles condition and reliability. We then get the chance to interview the vehicle owners, learn about the vehicle and how it performs. Additionally, we examine service records and general upkeep.

Compare this for just a moment to the alternative: car dealers who offer pre-owned vehicles have little choice but to buy their sellable inventory from local auctions. Auctions move lighting fast, you have minutes to decide to ‘buy’ or ‘not buy’. There is no real time to fully understand what is being bought. They could be buying a good vehicle, or sadly they could be buying a bad vehicle - but what’s most sad; good or bad, it usually ends up in someone’s (like yours) driveway…

You simply can’t compare. Private purchase vehicles are of so much more quality it’s staggering.

Partnership with the Best in the Industry is Not Easy, and is Exclusive

Becoming a partner who represents Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Program is not easy, in fact it’s real hard. Most of the exclusive partnerships with KBB go to the large high volume dealerships who deal with critical mass. Contrary to the norm is our story; Car Spot of Central Florida has been in business for seven years, we’re not a big store, in fact were a small store, but we’ve grown 5 X in size in the past three years.

KBB noticed us because our customers are happy. A satisfied customer is our number one goal, and hundreds of customers have reviewed our business saying just that! KBB is the most trusted name in the automotive industry, and they will only partner with a company who represents their brand ethically and with the upmost attention to customer care and satisfaction.

Our partnership with KBB has been and continues to be immensely successful. The KBB Buying Center at Car Spot of Central Florida buys more vehicles than any other dealership within their program. We are extremely proud and continue to focus on being the best partner KBB has ever had, and be the best option for customers to sell their vehicles…

Why? Because these great vehicles provide us with the best re-sale inventory in the market!

Come visit Car Spot of Central Florida and see for yourself.

We Proudly Receive Hundreds of GREAT Customer Reviews.

It’s not hard to sell a vehicle, in fact it’s quite simple. Sadly dealerships (many) make it hard because the refusal to stop playing games which people (most) hate.

The difference between a good car dealer and a bad one? Is not always the vehicle. We’re not ever going to say that all of our vehicles are better than all of someone else’s. It’s just not true.

For the most part most every vehicle we sell is a good car, and if it’s not, we let the customer know whatever we know, BEFORE THEY BUY!

Now that may be the difference? A good dealer is transparent, forthcoming, flexible, and ethical. A bad dealer isn’t.

A good dealer puts customer care and complete disclosure as top priority.

We will never refuse a customer the opportunity to take one of our vehicles to a mechanic and have it checked over before they buy. We will never hide damage or issues. We are not good salespeople. We are great at disclosure. If a customer leaves our facility with questions, we have not done our job.

A good dealer boils down to this: Simplicity

Commit to give every customer clear information, all information. Allow the customer to make their own choice based on knowing all the factors. Speak slower if necessary. Present the best quality product you can at a price which is consistent with value. Clearly explain any and all fees, costs, options and requirements. Never lie or offer partial truths to enhance the likelihood of a sale.

It’s really quite simple.

Car Spot of Central Florida receives hundreds of great customer reviews. Each of them are appreciated by us as they validate our mission to be different. We succeed through simplicity. We have grown so much through simplicity. We continue to get high praise from our customers because they appreciate clear transparent simplicity.

Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem?
This is where we make the Greatest Difference.

Too many times a customer will get themselves in more trouble than they’re already in… It’s very sad.

Car Spot of Central Florida originally opened for business in 2013 offering customers the opportunity to get a ‘second chance’ at establishing a good credit rating, and obtaining a reliable, quality vehicle.

In theory this is nothing special, there are hundreds of dealerships who offer ‘everyone’s approved’ deals. Many dealers offer Buy-Here Pay-Here loans.

The issue for the customer?

The quality of the vehicles are usually depleted.

Most self-financing dealerships offer only very high mileage and aged vehicles.

Customers who have credit issues are left with few options if any, often adding to their problems because the vehicle they’re purchasing (to get them a ‘new start’) fails them…

Car Spot of Central Florida’s credit program is completely different from other dealerships because of 4 BIG reasons:
  • We don’t rush a customer into a mistake, we help them understand all the variables.
  • We provide real bank financing to make sure their credit is rebuilding, at rates lower than Buy-Here Pay-Here.
  • We will never pressure a customer to make a sale. If our customer is not comfortable with the full explanation and offer, they may choose without pressure to wait, or continue shopping other options at other facilities.
  • We don’t specialize in high mileage old age vehicles, we specialize in: affordable, reliable, credible vehicles.

We urge you to come visit, check it out for yourself. Examine our inventory, compare our quality to others. Compare our prices with big and small dealerships. We’re confident you’ll choose us!!