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Car Spot Of Central Florida

4170 N US-1
Melbourne, FL 32935

About Us

Welcome to Car Spot of Central Florida. Serving Central Florida since 2013. We're different than any other used car dealership you'll find. Big dealerships or small, you simply can no compare us to any of them.

We specialize in 4 areas which make us different:
90% of our inventory has less than 100,000 miles

We specialize in the rarest vehicles in the market. We are super selective and offer only the best inventory to our customers.

90% of our vehicles have less than 100,000 miles, and half of those have less than 50,000 miles! We offer these vehicles at a fraction of their original retail price. Imagine a 2008 Ford Pick-Up truck which should have between 120,000 and 150,000 miles on the odometer. It looks used, it feels used, it is used… Reliability & dependability go way down. Our buyers are experts who are compensated specifically for finding and buying the best quality, lowest mileage, cleanest pre-owned vehicles in the market. So, conversely, our 2008 Ford Pick-Up truck has 40,000 miles, looks, smells, and drives like it did when it was first sold BRAND NEW! Our prices are based on finding these remarkably low mileage vehicles, then pricing them at a fraction of their original cost. That same 2008 Ford Pick-Up truck was $42,480.00 when it was new, now only 40,000 miles later, the vehicle can be bought at Car Spot of Central Florida for $14,000.00!! Yes it’s possible to find a less expensive similar truck elsewhere, but it’s not probable to find a 40,000 mile, perfect condition truck which was over $42,000 when it was new, for anywhere near $14,000.00!!!

If you are simply looking for any old used vehicle, you really don't need us. If you want to find truly exceptional condition, value, and quality, visit Car Spot of Central Florida today!

100% of our vehicles are Car Spot Certified

Any dealership can sell you a car. They try but have little control of reliability, and dependability. Why? Because their average inventory mileage is over 125,000 - 150,000.

Car Spot of Central Florida performs a rigorous multi point pre- certification check on each car, before we decide to sell it to our customers. If it doesn't ‘pass’ our certification test, it never gets sold on the retail market.

Can we eliminate any and all unforeseen issues using a quality control process like this? No, we can’t eliminate all issues, but we certainly reduce issues drastically. Putting quality before profit is expensive, but it’s honorable, and it’s the only way we do business.

We Proudly Receive Hundreds of GREAT Customer Reviews.

It’s not hard to sell a vehicle, in fact it’s quite simple. We can just acquire a vehicle from a customer or an auction, clean it, show it, and sell it. Handing new customers, the keys to (perhaps) a nice new vehicle, or perhaps a nice new headache which will cost them time, money, and lots of aggravation. Now, we’re not suggesting that a vehicle sold by Car Spot of Central Florida will never break, of course no one could ever make that claim. What we are saying, and what hundreds of our customers say, by their excellent reviews of our business is this: We will give up every cent of profit before we’ll sell anyone a vehicle which needs any repair. It simply doesn’t matter; "if its not right, we won't sell it".
Long before a customer ever gets to our dealership, we spend as much as it takes to make a vehicle mechanically perfect. Do we ever miss anything? Of course, but in that rare case, we don’t hide or deny, we step -up and “do what’s right” for customer (every time).
Our practice is to follow a stringent checklist to drastically reduce any chance of mechanical issue. Then represent the vehicle clearly with no confusion or misdirection. We provide good, transparent information to our customers, and let them make the free choice to buy a vehicle and do business with us, or do business somewhere else. They usually choose us!
No matter what the cost, we will never budge on quality. Our mission: “No dealership large, or small, will ever serve their customer better than we serve ours.”
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Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem!

Car Spot of Central Florida originally opened for business in 2013 offering customers the opportunity to get a ‘second chance’ at establishing a good credit rating, and obtaining a reliable, quality vehicle. In theory this is nothing special, there are hundreds of dealerships who offer ‘everyone is approved’ deals. Many dealers offer Buy-Here Pay-Here loans. The issue for the customer? The quality of the vehicles are usually depleted. Most self financing dealerships offer only very high mileage and aged vehicles.

Customers who have credit issues are left with few options if any, often adding to their problems because the vehicle they’re purchasing to get them a ‘new start’ fails them… Why? Because it’s unreliable and simply not mechanically dependable. Car Spot of Central Florida’s credit program is completely different from other dealerships because of 2 BIG reasons:

  • Real Bank - Guaranteed Approval. Not Buy Here Pay Here!! - You will not be turned down, guaranteed! Real bank, means real credit, which means real reconstruction of a bad credit profile. Our vehicles are extremely low mileage, extremely well maintained and are in extremely good mechanical and physical condition. Check out our inventory, you’ll see immediately why we are so successful!
  • Car Spot of Central Florida is family owned and operated. We live and work in this community. We are committed to quality and being different from the stereo-typical used car sales business.

We urge you to come visit, check it out for yourself. Examine our inventory, compare our quality to others. Compare our prices with big and small dealerships. We’re confident you’ll choose us!!